On the Fourth

[repost from an old blog] Growing up, the Fourth generally went something like this. All the neighbors would gather for a block party shortly before dark. The dads would pull out their grills while the chaos of kids ran back and forth, house to house, barefoot. There would be a pile of sparklers and poppers. … More On the Fourth

Research outtakes || Inflatable undergarments, anyone?

One size fits all! Just inflate for the desire shape! (And in case of shipwreck, no need to fret. You will bob along prettily while everyone else is stuck with those horrendous life preservers.) Research is one of my favorite parts of the writing process. The little details you discover can do so much to … More Research outtakes || Inflatable undergarments, anyone?

On Writing || What you aren’t writing

And the story begins to materialize, and another thing is happening, which is that you are learning what you aren’t writing, and this is helping you to find out what you are writing.” ~ Anne Lamott, bird by bird Right now I’m making my way through Anne Lamott’s bird by bird. One of the handful of writing books I’ve come across that … More On Writing || What you aren’t writing