The Cowardly Golden || So boarding went well…

It’s official. The human (aka me) is never to leave town again.

Bailey had his first taste of boarding this past week. I dropped him off with his bed, two balls, a tug toy, and optimistic hopes that he would give doggie daycare another chance. Nine days later, I picked him up with his bed, two balls, a tug toy, doggie daycare failure, a bright orange bandage around his left foot, a cone, enough antibiotics to last a week, and looking like he’d been hit with a strange case of mange.

My hopes denied, he wasn’t interested in playing with the other dogs, so he got private play sessions in the backyard. (As an introvert, I can’t exactly condemn him for this.) Then, in the same yard dozens of dogs play daily without issue, he managed to catch his paw on something and tore a chunk off the bottom of his foot pad, turning his doggie summer camp experience into a hospital stay. Goodbye play yard, hello bandage and cone.

Turns out he’s allergic to cones.

Out came the clippers and Bailey now sports a grooming style best described as “turkey neck.”

This led to an interesting catch-22. He needed to wear the cone to let his foot heal unmolested. He couldn’t wear the cone to let the lovely rash on his neck heal. Their solution was keeping him in sight and lots of Bitter Apple. My solution…

He was not amused with the stuff-a-bandana-under-the-cone technique.

So yes, boarding went well.


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