Looking Back/Moving Forward – 2016

Oh 2016. You know, this is the first year I can recall where the New Year’s excitement is more focused on seeing the old year out rather than bringing the new year in. It is being ushered out as firmly as any unwanted guest with hopes the next visitor will be more pleasant. If a door could be slammed behind a parting year, the sound would be quite impressive at the stroke of midnight. In other words, I imagine many will stay up just to see 2016 die.

Splash Mtn sign
This sign well sums up 2016.

It was a weird year. There seemed to be more death than usual. Trump will be the next president. The Cubs won the World Series. Basically, anything seemed possible this year, both good and bad. Really, this is the year we should have played the lotto.

Despite all the ups and downs, I will remember 2016 with some affection for a more personal reason. It’s the first year where I followed through with a resolution made on January 1. Last New Year’s, I decided to write a book by September, and it actually happened. Granted, there is still a lot of work to be done, but the bones are there.

Looking forward, my resolution for 2017 is much the same – write a book. Except this year by “write,” I mean edit within an inch of its life. Plot and theme and character and setting…it all needs to be fleshed out and refined. The thought of it is both exciting and frustrating. Writing is hard (harder than I thought when I set my nose to paper a year ago.) It takes a lot of work that may come to naught, and I’ve never loved doing anything more.

A year from now, I wonder what will be. Where will we be as a country, as people? What major events will happen that will define 2017, both on a global or personal level? What will the book look like a year from now? The New Year always comes on a wave of hopes and fears and what ifs. But that’s all to come in the next twelve months. Tonight, let’s enjoy the excitement of crossing to a new year.

And sending 2016 well on its way.

So, I wish you all a very happy New Year. May it be a good one.



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