Review Roundup || Week of 9/26/16

71vqexkw0tl-_sl1000_Globe On Screen’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream – ★★★★

“Though she be but little, she be fierce.” As a petite woman, I rather adore this quote. A Midsummer Night’s Dream has always been one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, after Much Ado About Nothing and The Tempest. I’ve seen quite a few of the Globe Theatre productions on dvd, thanks to the local library, and they’ve all been excellent, so I was quite excited when this one came in. It didn’t quite reach the same level as the others, especially during the first half, where many of the lines are yelled, which just distracts from the words. However, this is probably the best portrayal of Bottom and the theatre troupe I have seen. Oh, the play. The play redeems the entire production. Before that point, I was ready to tell you to skip this one and instead try Much Ado or King Lear. But no, stick through it to the theatre troupe’s catastrophe of Pyramus and Thisbe.


51tmr9bvtklThe 100 Year Miracle by Ashley Ream- ★★½

Every century, a bay around an island off the coast of Washington glows as tiny sea creatures hatch and mate for 6 days. This has become known as the 100 Year Miracle. Legend tells of a secret that resides within this miracle, long forgotten but by one researcher, who is desperate to find it to save her own life. As she delves deeper into her search, she draws a family of islanders into her obsession.

I thought this was going to be a cozy, light-hearted read when I picked it up. It’s not. Instead, it’s a story of desperation, obsession, and broken families. After getting a taste of what you desire, what are you willing to do to keep it? It’s an interesting question. As the miracle progresses, each of the main characters must decide how far they’re willing to go towards that goal. I was ready to give this book a higher rating, but the ending fell flat for me. Choices like that have consequences, yet that didn’t seem to be the case. The reaction of a couple characters in particular towards the end was unrealistic enough to completely jolt me out of the story.




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