In the world || He came through the Keebler chocolate chip cookies display

A little humor to begin the week:

It was an ordinary evening at the Aldi grocery store on Rib Mountain Drive.

People were shopping for groceries, probably not expecting a man to come bursting in wearing a hood and brandishing a samurai sword.

But that is exactly what happened. In the vivid words of shopper Coreen Poeske: “He came right through the Keebler chocolate chip cookies display, just plowed through, and there were Keebler cookies spread all over.”

”Give me your money!” the hooded man shouted at the cashier. He banged his sword on the checkout counter, causing the tip to bend.

All of us, at one time or another, have tried to imagine how we would react to this type of situation, although we may not have specifically imagined the part about the cookies. I just hope that I have the courage to react the way shopper Paul Josiger did.

‘I just said to myself, `What can I do to help?’ ” said Josiger. “So I threatened him with fruit cocktail.”

Go read the entire thing.


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