Easter || Empty Tomb by Elizabeth Scalia

Empty Tomb: The Improbable First
What the soldiers saw
by Elizabeth Scalia

He was not afraid. Of course he was not.

Only, he could not seem to open his eyes.

The air was soft, light on his skin. In the sun’s warmth it should have felt as soothing as a woman’s caress, and yet…how is it the small hairs on his arms, on his hands and the back of his neck were raised like quills?

By Jupiter, he thought, what has occurred?

He had seen women approaching, and there had been a light, and a roar — such a white, dazzling light, full and lively; it seemed to fizz and sparkle, like the waters near Vesuvius, and then had come a sound: a sharp crack! followed by a rumble, and a humming tidal wave of sound.

A seizure of some sort, he thought. I have heard of fits that come after a vision of light.

He sighed hugely and moved his bulk, until he was on his back, one arm slung over his still-closed eyes.

It comes from too much work, one overfull day after another. I am unwell, made sick by this forsaken pisshole of a land and the feckless, capricious peasants that crowd every space and drain us with their demands. Only but a course of days it took, to sway them from a parade of palms and praise into a stinking, bloodthirsty mob, and then who must stride among them to keep them from destroying the peace, and themselves? Marcellus, of course. Underpaid, hard-pressed Marcellus Secundus Valerius, that’s who.

Groaning, he sat up, rubbing his face, and then spitting to clear his mouth. Looking up, he froze, feeling his skin prickle once more. The tomb was open.

Go read the whole thing.: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/theanchoress/2015/03/27/empty-tomb-the-improbable-first/#ixzz3VcqFpy8v


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